The Craft of Writing for Film and Television: 2014

April 18: Finding Transcendence
JACK PAGLEN channels an actor’s tool set into a story about Artificial Intelligence.

April 11: Fargo Regained
How does one begin to reimagine a film classic like the Coen brothers’ Fargo for television? For novelist and new showrunner NOAH HAWLEY, the answer was in a name – Mike Yanagita.

April 4: Just Like Magic
On the heels of their Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Like Crazy, BEN YORK JONES & DRAKE DOREMUS get all grown up with an adult tale of untenable love and shattered middle-aged dreams in the new drama Breathe In.

March 28: Making Forrest Run
ANDY DALY, star of Comedy Central’s new mockumentary series Review, outlines the rules to writing his character Forrest MacNeil, a critic who rates life experiences like addiction, racism, and making a sex tape with dark and entertaining results.

March 14: Life After Mars
ROB THOMAS talks about how Veronica Mars’ stunningly successful, record-breaking Kickstarter campaign affected his creative approach to the big screen adaptation of his TV cult classic.

March 7: It Girl
LENA DUNHAM’s rocket launch into the pop cultural heavens might have left a trail of detractors in her wake, but the Girls writer, director, and star says she already knows what the haters are saying because she’s said it first.

February 28: Red’s Black Heart
The Blacklist’s JON BOKENKAMP describes the largest difference between writing features and TV and what makes a murderous psychopath such as James Spader’s “Red” Reddington so likeable.

February 14: A Love Letter to the Lost
The sudden, tragic death of AKIVA GOLDSMAN's wife paralyzed the Oscar winner, but a passion project helped him find his way back to writing - his deeply felt adaptation of the novel Winter's Tale.

January 31: Black Diamond
Novelist NIC PIZZOLATTO makes use of his outsider’s perspective to bring a fresh depth to HBO’s new hit series True Detective, a darkly existential crime drama featuring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

January 17: An Orange By Any Other Name
JENJI KOHAN addresses racial stereotypes on Orange Is the New Black and offers her opinion on whether the new world of binge-watching streaming content will affect how shows are written.

January 10: The Road to Sitcom Hell
Episodes’ DAVID CRANE & JEFFREY KLARIK riff on why they’re still scripting the Hollywood-skewering comedy all by themselves and why they’ll never, ever, go back to writing for network.

January 3: Alone in a Dark Corner
PETER BERG sidesteps politics to salute Marcus Luttrell and the fallen Navy SEALs of Operation Redwing in the visceral, brutal tale of grit and courage Lone Survivor.

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