The Craft of Writing for Film and Television: 2015

April 24: The Good Couple
ROBERT and MICHELLE KING reflect on the reasons behind The Good Wife’s award-winning run and how their writers are able to consistently tap into the zeitgeist without really trying.

April 10: Latin Lover
JENNIE SNYDER URMAN sends a love letter to telenovelas with Jane the Virgin, the CW’s surging sophomore comedy about a virtuous, young Latina who is accidentally artificially inseminated by her doctor.

April 2: Happy Together
JAY DUPLASS dishes on how, after years of feature work, his hit HBO show Togetherness has finally given him and brother Mark the chance to write the way they’ve always dreamed of.

March 20: The Faults of Our Stars
BRUCE WAGNER detours off the road to “corruption and hackdom” to script his “howl in the wilderness,” the cathartic, hallucinatory, taboo-shattering, David Cronenberg collaboration Maps to the Stars.

March 13: Minding His Business
At 19, STEVE CONRAD was a screenwriting wunderkind but a career downturn nearly forced him from the industry. Now a veteran, the Unfinished Business scribe recaps what adversity taught him and how he kept going.

March 6: Fairy Tale Beginnings
The success of TERRI TATCHELL’s first script District 9 might seem like out of a storybook, but the writer of the new sci-fi film Chappie, explains why more failure at the start of her career could’ve been a good thing.

February 6: Back to black-ish
KENYA BARRIS reveals what, after years of false starts, finally got his freshman, hit comedy black-ish off the ground and explains why trying to “reach out” to audiences is a wrong move.

January 23: In Sickness and In Health
For WASH WESTMORELAND & RICHARD GLATZER life imitates art as the married writing team battles A.L.S. while scripting the emotional drama about Alzheimer’s Still Alice.

January 8: A Friend’s Goodbye
JASON HALL’s rise to awards-nominated screenwriter might seem Cinderella-like, but behind the American Sniper scribe’s “overnight success” is a tragic story that helped define the new film.

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