What Every Writer Needs to Know

The purpose of this guide is to provide writers with a quick reference to some of the rights to which you may be entitled under the WGA Theatrical and Television Basic Agreement (better known as the "MBA"). It also contains other information beneficial to writers working on films under the Writers Guild's jurisdiction.

To ensure that you are able to take advantage of the many protections afforded by the MBA, you must deal only with Guild signatory Companies. A Guild signatory company is a company that has agreed to be bound by the terms of the MBA. Before accepting employment or selling literary material, we urge you to call the WGAW Signatories Department at (323) 782-4514 to ensure that the relevant employing or purchasing Company is signatory.

Specific MBA Articles, Appendices and Credits Schedules are referenced throughout this guide. However, do not use this guide as a substitute for the MBA as it is not intended to and does not alter the provisions of the MBA in any way.


Table of Contents

Part I: Long-Form Television and Pilots
Part II: Theatrical Motion Pictures

Know the Assignment
Getting Paid
Protect Your Creative Rights
Sample Form
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