TV Writer Access Project
For Mid-Level Diverse Television Writers

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2016 TV Writer Access Project.

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If you have questions or suggestions about the TV Writer Access Project, please contact: Diversity.

About the TV Writer Access Project process:

  • Qualified WGAW members were invited to submit their work in one of five diversity categories: minority writers; writers with disabilities; women writers; writers age 55 and over; and LGBT writers.
  • Scripts, which underwent two rounds of judging, were read and scored on a blind submission basis by WGAW members with extensive television writing experience, including current and former showrunners and writer/producers.
  • For a complete list of credits, please contact the writers directly or the WGAW Credits Department at (323) 782-4528.

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Writer Access Project update:

  • 311 WGAW showrunners and writer/producers have served as judges for the program
  • 100 honorees have been selected over the six years of the program (including 8 writing teams). More than half of the TV Writer Access Project honorees are working or have worked in Guild-covered jobs. In addition, many have gained representation due to the program.

Project History:

The project was launched by the WGAW’s Diversity department in early 2009. It is a peer judging program designed to identify excellent, diverse writers with television experience, and to provide a resource for accessing their work to showrunners, industry executives, agents and managers. It has proven beneficial to the writers who were selected as TV Writer Access Project honorees and to our showrunner members who are staffing shows.

The TV Writer Access Project represents one effort by the WGAW to address the issue of underrepresentation of diverse writers on television writing staffs. Read detailed current statistics about employment of diverse writers in the 2015 WGAW TV Staffing Brief.

The Diversity department welcomes any suggestions for improvements to the TV Writer Access Project and we are happy to answer any questions. Please contact us at: Diversity.