Enforcement Update

In order to streamline the enforcement of unpaid compensation claims, as of May 26, 2009, writers and their representatives who have issues concerning unpaid initial compensation should call the WGAW’s Claims/Legal Department at (323) 782-4521. The WGAW’s Contracts Department will continue to be the place to go for general questions about contract terms, including separated rights, reacquisition, and compensation for reuse of literary material in video games, merchandise, publications, and other exploitations. The Contracts Department can be reached at (323) 782-4501 or by sending an email to Contracts.

Questions about unpaid residuals should continue to be directed to the WGAW’s Residuals Department at (323) 782-4700 or Residuals and questions about credits and creative rights should be directed to the WGAW’s Credits and Creative Rights Department at (323) 782-4528 or Credits.