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New Media includes all writing of audio-visual production intended for the Internet, mobile devices, evolving technological devices such as the iPad, or any other platform thought of as “new media” by the industry as of the start of the 2008 MBA.

Figuring out how to perform writing services for a New Media project under a WGA contract is simple and easy. For a quick overview of how to cover your writing services in New Media, take a look at the easy-to-use ‘Checklist For New Media Projects’ by clicking here.

For information on New Media compensation, please refer to the 2014 Schedule of Minimums.


This is a ready reference for writers and staff members who propose writing credits, prepare and submit NTWC to the Guild for Guild signatory production companies, and gather materials for credit arbitrations on New Media projects. Read the guide.


The WGAW is dedicated to helping WGAW members understand and work in the emerging New Media universe. If you are a WGAW member or a WGAW Caucus member who wants to stay on top of the WGAW’s efforts in New Media, including panel and special event announcements, sign up for our New Media Updates list.


Shelagh Wagener, New Media Field Representative/Organizer

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“We chose to become a signatory now because it affords us tremendous opportunities as writers while allowing our company access to the vast WGA talent pool."--Doug Cheney, Big Fantastic