The Craft of Writing for Film and Television: 2010

  December 22:  The Beautiful Empty
SOFIA COPPOLA explores parenthood and the hollow but sumptuous life of a Hollywood movie star in Somewhere. 

  December 10:  If Wishes Were Superheroes
No Ordinary Family co-creator JON HARMON FELDMAN tells The Craft why his idea for ABC’s new superhero show didn’t come from a childhood fascination with comic books. 

  November 29:  In Love and War
JEZ and JOHN-HENRY BUTTERWORTH search for the relationship at the center of one of the most significant moments in recent American history in the political thriller Fair Game. 

  November 19:  Broadcast Blues
Morning Glory’s ALINE BROSH MCKENNA revisits the workplace rom com and reflects on the dying industry of broadcast news. 

  November 12:  The Motorcycle Dramatist
KURT SUTTER, the tattooed, motorcycle-riding creator of FX’s Sons of Anarchy, explains why SOA has shown its softer side of late and theorizes on why other shows lose a step in season three. 

  November 5:  The High Heat
DANNY MCBRIDE & JODY HILL hit a home run with Eastbound & Down, the HBO comedy about the horrible, endlessly hilarious magic of washed-up major league pitcher Kenny Powers. 

  October 29:  His Ames is True
Creator JONATHAN AMES explains why he named Bored to Death’s fictional protagonist after himself, the reason he likes writing about writers, and why he used to be called “perverted.” 

  October 15:  Holding Out for a Hero
Oscar-winner DAVIS GUGGENHEIM and co-writer BILLY KIMBALL dissect America’s flawed educational system with humor, compassion and a true sense of storytelling in the activist documentary Waiting for Superman. 

  October 8:  My Bodyguard
MATT REEVES looks for an American heart in the haunting Swedish tale of a young, bullied boy who befriends a vampire girl in Let Me In. 

  October 1:  Face Value
AARON SORKIN finds tragedy in the creation of Facebook and makes The Social Network an era-defining film. 

  September 24:  The Deep End
Playwright-screenwriter BOB GLAUDINI emerges from a dark place to tell a story about hope and peril on the sea of love, the Phillip Seymour Hoffman-directed romantic dramedy Jack Goes Boating. 

  September 13:  Pretty in Scarlet
BERT V. ROYAL finds inspiration from John Hughes and Nathaniel Hawthorne to script the smart and funny new high school morality tale Easy A. 

  August 27:  Tales from the Dark Side
DOUG JUNG, co-creator of TNT’s sophomore undercover cop series Dark Blue, answers the question – when it comes to TV, how dark is too dark? 

  August 20:  The “C” Words
Do cancer and comedy mix? DARLENE HUNT thinks so. The creator of Showtime’s new hit dramedy The Big C explains how the show is able to find humor in terminal illness. 

  August 13:  Wackos, Geniuses and Conspiracy Theorists
Executive producer HENRY BROMELL uncovers the world of intelligence analysts while spinning a tale of secrets and lies on the new AMC conspiracy thriller series Rubicon. 

  August 9:  Feels Like the First Time
ROB REINER and long-time writing partner ANDREW SCHEINMAN on why they fell for Flipped, a tale of fickle first love. 

  July 30:  Humble Pie
By putting their love for the story first – and with a little assistance from Robert Duvall – CHRIS PROVENZANO and C. GABY MITCHELL make Get Low a rich tale of humility and forgiveness. 

  July 16:  Secret Burdens, Huge Challenges
The mother-daughter showrunning team of SAVANNAH DOOLEY and WINNIE HOLZMAN defy stereotypes with their new ABC Family show about teens at a weight-loss camp, Huge. 

  July 2:  Work Hard, Twihard
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s MELISSA ROSENBERG on her life-changing marathon journey as sole scripter of the teen vampire franchise. 

  June 25:  Writing From the Gut
JAY and MARK DUPLASS, the sibling writing team behind the micro-budgeted indie standout, The Puffy Chair, bring their instinctive, improvisational style to their new studio-backed romantic comedy Cyrus. 

  June 14:  Always Writing
Pulp fiction and crime author icon ELMORE LEONARD talks candidly about the new FX series Justified, the characters that are always with him, and his golden rule of writing. 

  May 28:  From Mars to Starz
Creator JOHN ENBOM talks about he and his fellow former Veronica Mars writing partners produce the critically acclaimed Starz comedy Party Down on a shoestring budget. 

  May 21:  Rolling With the Punches
ANTONIO MACIA rides the Hollywood rollercoaster to script Holy Rollers, a new indie dramedy based on actual events about Orthodox Jews trafficking Ecstasy into New York. 

  May 13:  True Graft
Oscar-winner ALEX GIBNEY illuminates the weird, wicked and all too real world of K Street superlobbyist Jack Abramoff in his new documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money. 

  April 30:  In the Land of Women
RODRIGO GARCIA, executive producer of TV’s In Treatment and son of legendary writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, brings his singular facility for portraits of the female heart to Mother and Child. 

  April 26:  Breaking Breaking Bad
VINCE GILLIGAN’s oddball drama about a terminally ill chemistry teacher-turned-meth peddler dons TV’s Cinderella slipper. 

  April 2:  The Rock of Love
NICHOLAS SPARKS, the mega-successful author of The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, brings his unyielding disciplinary style to the writing to his first screenplay The Last Song. 

  March 26:  Life Lessons
LIZ TIGELAAR shares what she’s learned on her journey from intern to creator of the new CW show Life Unexpected including the one thing new writers should avoid their first time in a writer’s room. 

  March 19:  Queens of Noise
Music video master FLORIA SIGISMONDI rocks the big screen with the story of the first girl power band The Runaways. 

  March 8:  Wonder Woman
Alice in Wonderland’s LINDA WOOLVERTON sends Alice back down the rabbit hole with her audacious reimagination of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece. 

  February 26:  Red Writing Hood
TONY GRISONI takes audiences on a haunting, harrowing ride through three films based on four novels in the remarkable British noir trilogy Red Riding. 

  February 19:  Island Secrets
It took 16 years after the sale of her first script for Shutter Island’s LAETA KALOGRIDIS to earn her first produced writing credit. The keys to her survival? Humility and hard work. 

  February 12:  Writing in the Key of Glee
The award-winning hit comedy series Glee is attracting some big-name musical talent, but for exec producers IAN BRENNAN and BRAD FULCHUK, it’s the story that comes first. 

  February 5:  Before the Fall
DAVID EICK takes the helm of the new Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica and suggests the one quality writers adopt to get noticed. 

  January 26:  Inspired by Real Life
Extraordinary Measures’ ROBERT NELSON JACOBS explains why turning real-life events into a cinematic screenplay sometimes require a writer to take liberties with the facts. 

  January 15:  Pure Country
SCOTT COOPER follows the sage advice given to him by Merle Haggard and Robert Duvall to adapt the award contender Crazy Heart. 

  January 8:  Writing Complicated
It’s Complicated’s NANCY MEYERS chats scripting characters for Meryl, Jack, and Alec and why writing films with older protagonists can be a risky business. 

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