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News Release: October 6, 2011

WGAW Statement On Wall Street Protests

LOS ANGELES -- Christopher Keyser, president of the Writers Guild of America, West, today issued the following statement regarding the protests on Wall Street and around the country:

“The economic statistics don’t lie. The rich are getting much, much richer in America. At the same time, the middle class, which was once the vibrant economic backbone of this country, is disappearing, and our poor and our unemployed are in free fall.
“The corporations and the people who gambled with our future, who made a killing on that bet and then got bailed out by us, are back with robust profits and unconscionable salaries. No one has paid a price for that but the American worker. And neither political party seems to have the guts or the independence to hold anyone accountable or to demand meaningful safeguards to protect us from all of this happening again.
“In this common endeavor of our democracy there is no requirement that everyone benefit equally, but there is a quiet understanding that the game is not rigged, that there is some measure of fairness, that risk and reward are shared. As a union and as Americans that is what we believe and what we fight for every day.
“The rallies happening on Wall Street and around the country are shining a much-needed spotlight on the harm being caused to America’s working men and women by a system run amok. People from all walks of life are rising up and demanding accountability and change. The Writers Guild of America, West supports this national protest against the greed permeating the workings of our economy.”

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