Make Sure Your Short is Guild Covered 

(September 6, 2012) 

Please remember to have your short film covered by the Guild. It’s easy. For a film to be classified as a “short,” it must meet the definition set forth in Article 1.B.6 of the MBA.

  • WGA coverage starts with a signatory company. Make sure the company that buys your script or employs you to write it is a Guild signatory (contact the WGA Signatories Department for more information).
  • Make sure your agreement with the signatory company is in writing and that the employment and/or purchase complies with all minimums set forth in the MBA including (but not limited to) minimum initial compensation requirements. For a short film, a writer must receive no less than the week-to-week minimum set forth in Article 13.A.15. If the writing takes longer than one week, you must be paid an additional weekly minimum for each additional week or a portion thereof.

For questions contact the Guild's Contracts Department at (323) 782-4501


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