The Hotlist: October 2012
A Guide to the Web’s Most Cutting Edge New Media Content

Compiled by Elliot Feldman 

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The Hotspot
The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract.

Eco Rico

Giselle Achecar created and stars in Eco Rico, an entertaining Web series that describes itself as “an eco-lifestyle cooking show con sabor!” Ms. Achevar has a Stanford University law degree, but describes herself as an “eco-lifestyle expert” and “Latino Super Mom.” She describes Eco Rico as much more than cooking show. The Eco Rico Web site also serves as an environmental info resource and offers its own Eco Rico products for sale.

CounterSpill is an award-winning online information resource about all things green energy with an emphasis on educating visitors on the impact of past and present non-renewable energy disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima. CounterSpill describes itself as a “counter-narrative that takes on corporate and governmental spin.” It is also a prime example of a well-designed, graphically interesting and very navigable information Web site.

PhotoSeed is another example of a well-designed and very navigable info resource. PhotoSeed describes its mission as “bringing to light the growth and artistic vision of 19th and 20th Century Photography.” David Spencer, the curator and site creator, is a three-time recipient of the Photographer of the Year award from the National Press Photographers Association. As would be expect, the Web site is a smashing graphic display, showing an extensive collection of historic and beautiful photography in an intricate grid.


Super Knocked Up
Super Knocked Up is a funny Web series that’s a strange hybrid of sitcom and superhero fantasy. The premise: Supervillainess Darkstar (AKA Jessica James) gets knocked up by womanizing superhero Captain Amazing (AKA Michael Masters). They are mortal enemies but are raising their baby together. The series was created by Jeff Burns.

Husbands the Series
Husbands is an online sitcom created by Brad Bell and Jane Espenson, a TV dramatic series veteran. The premise: After a drunken one-night-stand in Vegas, two gay men (strangers) wake up to find out that they are legally married. Fun ensues. Guest stars have included Jon Cryer, Joss Whedon, and John Hodgman. In a partnership with Dark Horse Comics, Husbands will also be seen as a digital Web comic.

Sh*t Girls Say originated as a very popular and funny Twitter feed from two young Canadian writers Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey. Then it became a Web comedy series. It is played strictly for laughs with the lead female character played by Sheppard in drag. Sh*t Girls Say will soon be published as a print edition book.

The MOP & LUCKY Files
The Mop and Lucky Files is a well-produced online sitcom, the brainchild of actors Jennifer Erholm and Chloe Taylor. The premise: Lucky (Erholm) and Mop (Taylor) are two unemployed and broke girls in L.A. They start their own private eye business called Personal Espionage. Note that the Web series has recently won three important media festival awards.


Kinetic Singapore
Kinetic is a new media ad agency from Singapore. Their Web site is a grand experiment in interactive multimedia with a distinct Terry Gilliam/Monty Python humor sensibility. It serves very much as a creative portfolio for the agency.

21st Century Beetle
I only rarely include commercial Web sites on the Hotlist. Volkswagen’s use of cutting edge multimedia is a compelling entertaining masterpiece that unveils the relaunch of their classic Beetle.

ROME “Three Dreams of Black”
ROME “Three Dreams of Black” is an interactive multimedia experiment developed by Chris Milk with the help of “some friends at Google.” It showcases Google Web technology called WebGL; as a result it is best viewed via the Google Chrome browser. The content itself is an unusual and stunning mix of music video and graphic novel. The music is by Danger Mouse, Norah Jones, and Daniele Luppi.

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