The Hotlist: December 2012
A Guide to the Web’s Most Cutting Edge New Media Content

Compiled by Elliot Feldman 

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The Hotspot 
The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract. 

The Ropes

The Ropes is a Web series in its second season on Sony's Crackle online network. Actor Vin Diesel wrote, produced, and directed all episodes, except for those directed by actress Zoe Saldana. The series is based on Diesel's experiences as a New York City club bouncer.

The Marriage Counselor
Created by Jerry White and Raymond Creamer, The Marriage Counselor can be considered a spoof of HBO's dead serious series In Treatment. Matt St. James is hilarious as the main character.


KOTAKU, the Gamers' Guide
KOTAKU describes itself as a "digital hub" for videogame news and reviews. It's part of Gawker Media's network of Web sites.

JOYSTIQ is another news and information site that focuses on the videogame industry. It's AOL's primary videogame blog, and includes a weekly podcast that discusses game-related news stories.


Blogcritics describes itself as a "filtered microcosm of the blogosphere and a full service news and reviews source." Founded by Eric Olsen, noted blogger/writer contributors publish original articles focused on music and arts. It's part of the Technorati network of Web sites.
Megazine describes itself as a "(digital) space that simultaneously presents exciting artwork while also experimenting with that artwork's display and dissemination." The group behind this zine includes "designers, programmers, curators, and fellow artists." It's filled with many multimedia surprises. (WARNING: Not for the easily offended).

The Highlights
The Highlights is an online arts journal. Despite its plain vanilla interface, the zine is jam packed with essays and artwork.


My Stupid Journal
My Stupid Journal is veteran writer J.T. Allen's novel that's uniquely presented as 12-year-old Daisy Tannenbaum's diary/blog entries.


Emily Carroll
Emily Carroll is a Canadian cartoonist who presents a collection of her beautifully rendered comic stories online.

The Amazing Adventures of Bill
The Amazing Adventures of Bill is Bill Roundy's Brooklyn-centric comics from Bar Scrawl, his regular contributions to The Brooklyn Paper.

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