Hunger Games
Upcoming Storybus tour for writers spotlights the class dimension of food and how two L.A. communities are fighting for good nutrition.  

(January 4, 2013) 

Television writers who are working on scripts, episodes and storylines involving issues of urban hunger and the lack of access to fresh, affordable food in many low-income neighborhoods may want to jump on USC's January 30 Storybus tour. Sponsored by the Hollywood, Health & Society program at the Annenberg Norman Lear Center, this and other Storybus tours are organized to provide television writers with accurate, timely information for health storylines.

The upcoming Storybus tour will explore how residents and activists in two low-income Los Angeles communities are taking back their neighborhoods when it comes to the food that’s sold and the meals that are made. From students growing their own gardens and learning healthy cooking habits to a grassroots fruit and veggie ad campaign and “market makeovers” that are transforming corner convenience stores, writers will see for themselves the reality of food and access for the poor, and what citizen activists are doing about it.

The Storybus will leave from the WGAW building at 9 a.m. and return at 5 p.m. Space is limited. For more information and a tour application, please click here. Deadline for applications is Jan. 21.