The Craft of Writing for Film and Television: 2012

  December 20:  Real Funny
This Is 40’s JUDD APATOW opens up about his insecurities, avoiding maturity, and why he feels one of the most important things about making a comedy isn’t the jokes. 

  December 14:  Reinventing the Holidays
Faced with a changing industry landscape, TV vet GARY GOLDSTEIN remade his career in an unexpected way. Here, he discusses how, his advice to writers looking to carve a niche in an emerging genre, and his latest project, Hitched for the Holidays. 

  December 7:  Real, Specific, and From the Heart
DAVID O. RUSSELL talks about the reason he chose Silver Linings Playbook for his first adaptation, and why, as a writer, he never stops looking for the details that can bring a world to life. 

  November 30:  A Psycho in the Making
Hitchcock’s JOHN MCLAUGHLIN channels the voice of the master of suspense during the legendary director’s struggle to make one of the greatest films of all-time. 

  November 16:  To Form a More Perfect Union
Pulitzer Prize-winner TONY KUSHNER re-traces his six-year odyssey in scripting Lincoln and illuminates how the bloody and transcendent story the film centers on is still playing out in America today. 

  November 2:  She’s the Boss
Writer, star and The Office veteran MINDY KALING steps out from the ensemble to take the reins on her new critically lauded Fox comedy, The Mindy Project. 

  October 26:  A Holmes in the New World
Elementary’s ROBERT DOHERTY takes on the challenge of reinterpreting Sherlock Holmes, the most portrayed film and TV character of all-time, by relocating him to New York City. 

  October 5:  Lies for Lives
CHRIS TERRIO talks about the deconstruction of history and reconstruction of narrative in his latest project, the Ben Affleck-helmed Iranian hostage crisis drama Argo. 

  September 27:  Time, See What’s Become of Me
RIAN JOHNSON, writer-director of the new genre bending sci-fi actioner Looper, explains why, when it comes to time travel movies, storytelling is more important than logic. 

  April 20:  Behind the Robes
Oscar-winning film scribe and director NEIL JORDAN’s first foray into television is a sexy, sordid, and savage look at the papacy under the Italian dynasty The Borgias. 

  March 23:  A Game of Trust
GARY ROSS talks about collaborating with Suzanne Collins on The Hunger Games, and why, despite the film’s wildly anticipated futuristic action sequences, it’s the story’s emotional center that’s most important. 

  March 16:  Broadway Over Bullets
Playwright and NYPD Blue veteran THERESA REBECK goes from the precinct to the Great White Way with NBC’s critically hailed new musical drama Smash. 

  March 9:  Scripting Sarah
Sarah Palin has dismissed Game Change as a “false narrative,” but DANNY STRONG explains why one of his goals in writing HBO’s behind-the-scenes look at the ‘08 presidential campaign was to get a liberal audience to root for the former VP candidate. 

  February 24:  Bad Cop, Bad Cop
Fresh off an Oscar nomination for The Messenger, writer-director OREN MOVERMAN takes on a massive, “weird, brilliant” James Ellroy script to make the dirty cop drama Rampart. 

  February 10:  The Lighter Side of John Wells
Few realize that the former WGAW President and exec producer of ER and Southland began his career on a comedic note. Now, with Showtime’s Shameless, the über-showrunner finally gets the chance to return to his roots. 

  February 3:  Found and Lost
Is MAX LANDIS’ superpower screenwriting? The scion of John Landis describes why he was able to bang out the script for Chronicle, the new found footage film about teenagers who acquire superpowers and the carnage that ensues, in just two weeks. 

  January 20:  The Bad-Ass Bard
JOHN LOGAN, the two-time Academy Award-nominated writer behind the testosterone-driven classics Gladiator and The Last Samurai, realizes a life-long dream by adapting Shakespeare’s macho drama Coriolanus. 

  January 6:  New Girl’s New Girl
With no prior experience in a writers’ room, New Girl creator ELIZABETH MERIWETHER has helped lead her staff to WGA and Golden Globe Awards nominations. What’s her formula for success? Let the show lead the writing. 

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