Department Head: Maureen Oxley, Senior Director of Residuals
Residuals Main Line: (323) 782-4700
E-Mail: Residuals

The Residuals Department provides the following services related to all aspects of enforcement and administration of the residuals provisions of the WGA MBA:

Canadian Waivers:

Handles Working Rule 8 waiver requests and all matters pertaining to Canadian Sideletter productions, including collections.
Customer Service:
Handles calls from members, companies, representatives, beneficiaries, and others pertaining to residuals matters. Ms. Rivera is the initial contact for potential residuals collections claims.
Pursues claims for outstanding residuals up to the arbitration stage.

Handles all processes necessary to transfer residuals to beneficiary(ies) of deceased members.

Excerpt Payments: 
Handles processing, collections, and inquiries pertaining to excerpt payments and compilation shows.

Processes all residuals paid, verifies residuals amounts, payees, and timeliness of payments.


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