What Every Producer Needs to Know

The purpose of this guide is to provide Companies with a basic knowledge of the minimum provisions of the WGA Theatrical and Television Basic Agreement ["MBA"]. It is not a substitute for the MBA and is not intended to and it does not alter the provisions of the MBA in any way. In the event anything herein contradicts the MBA, the MBA controls.

WGA jurisdiction includes all employment by a signatory Company for writing services, options or sales of literary material by "professional writers" to a signatory Company, and options or sales by writers the Company agrees to treat as "professional writers" as that term is defined in the MBA. You may wish to use this Guide for reference when employing writers or purchasing material. Please call the WGAW’s Contracts Department at (323) 782-4501 if you have any questions.


Table of Contents

Part I: Long-Form Television and Pilots
Part II: Theatrical Motion Pictures

Prior to Commencement
While Services Are Performed
Upon Completion of Principal Photography
After the Film Is Released
Sample Forms
Contact Information