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Find the MacGuffin!

Although legendary director Alfred Hitchcock is often credited with coining the term "MacGuffin,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary the device was first used by screenwriter-author Angus McPhail. A MacGuffin, most commonly used in thrillers, is usually an object that motivates the characters and advances the story, but proves to be irrelevant by the end of the film. Many of the 101 Greatest Screenplays use the device to drive their stories forward.

Can you name the scripts that use the following MacGuffins?


1. The screenplay
2. What Deep Throat knows
3. The key
4. Col. Kurtz
5. Power for the flux capacitor
6. John Malkovich
7. Letters of transit
8. Rosebud
9. Memory (two titles)
10. Shoeless Joe
11. Tara
12. Death
13. The scoop (more than one title)
14. The Great White
15. The black bird (“the stuff that dreams are made of”)
16. The microfilm
17. Uranium dust
18. A flop
19. Mother
20. The contents of the briefcase
21. The ark of the covenant
22. The missing wife
23. The heavyweight title
24. Debbie Edwards
25. The loot buried under the tree
26. Buffalo Bill
27. The sting
28. Harry Lime
29. Gold
30. Keyser Soze
31. The kid
32. Home (two titles)

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