Residuals Lookup The Online Residual Review allows members to check their residual history back to 1996.

Small Checks Direct Deposit  Current-Active members can enroll in this residuals program in which checks under $100 are put into a trust account until the gross amount accrued for the writer reaches a certain amount. Then a check is issued to the writer, allowing the writer to avoid receiving dozens of little checks.

Residuals Survival Guide  One of the benefits due credited writers under the Writers Guild Minimum Basic Agreement and the Public TV Freelance Agreement is compensation for the reuse of their material. This compensation is called residuals.

This guide provides writers with a basic knowledge of residual compensation -- what it is, who receives it, and when it is due.

Uncollected Monies  On behalf of writers or writer beneficiaries, the WGAW is holding funds that we have been unable to deliver because we don't have a current address or other data. You can search for any undeliverable funds the Guild may be holding for you.

Designation of Beneficary Card (.pdf)
Explanation of Residuals (.pdf)
When Your Residuals Are Due (.pdf)