Writer/Agent Alert


Film and television writers look to both the WGA and their agents for guidance in their professional lives. For that reason, the Guild sends periodic Writer/Agent Alerts to notify the agent community about issues of concern to writers.

ISSUE 29: Orange is the New Black, and New Media is the New TV (.pdf)

ISSUE 28: Amazon’s New WGA Signatory Company (.pdf)

ISSUE 27: Protect Writers, Respect Writers (.pdf)

ISSUE 26: Writing For New Media Now Covered By WGA (.pdf)

ISSUE 25: Contract Essentials

ISSUE 24: Internet Video-on-Demand

ISSUE 23: Creative Rights Provisions

ISSUE 22: WGA Protects Series Staff Writers/The True-Life Story About Separated Rights/Animation Notice

ISSUE 21: WGA Low Budget Agreement and the WGAw Independent Writers Caucus

ISSUE 20: Warranty and Indemnification

ISSUE 19: 2001 WGA MBA Creative Rights Provisions - Theatrical & Long-Form Television Motion Pictures

ISSUE 18: Staff Writers to Receive Credit/Canadian Waivers--What's Commissionable

ISSUE 17: Do You Write Movies of the Week, Movies for Television or Miniseries? Then, We Have a Contract for You, Too!

ISSUE 16: Credit You Don't Want: How "Free" is this Rewrite?

ISSUE 15: What Can the Guild's Standard Writing Services Contract Do for You?

ISSUE 14: New in the 1998 MBA: Pension and Health on Acquisitions

ISSUE 13: Whose Rights Are They Anyway? The Upset Price and Other Urban Myths

ISSUE 12: Delivery of the Notice of Tentative Writing Credits

ISSUE 11: O CANADA! Accepting Employment with Canadian Production Companies

ISSUE 10B: Do I Have to Do Math? (Television Week-to-week vs. Term Employment)

ISSUE 10A: Is it a Reacquisition or a Reversion? (This is Not Your Mother's Turnaround)

ISSUE 9: "The Option, The Sale, The Rewrite & The Meeting" or "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Option"

ISSUE 8: No Free Lunch and No Free Rewrites

ISSUE 7: Notice to Writers Employed on Same Material

ISSUE 6: Information in Writer's Contracts

ISSUE 5: Late Payments

ISSUE 4: New Provisions in the 1995 Writers Guild Basic Agreement on Prohibition of Rewrites

ISSUE 3: Viewing the Cut

ISSUE 2: Bulletin Number Two

ISSUE 1: Bulletin Number One