Writers Take Legal Action against Reality TV Production Companies
Supervising Story Producer Wins Overtime Pay

On October 11, 2007 the California DLSE issued a significant decision that is encouraging to other writers who have filed claims or writers who may be considering filing claims. The decision was that a reality TV writer working on “Outback Jack” was improperly classified as an exempt employee. The writer was subsequently awarded more than $35,000 in lost overtime wages. The claim was settled confidentially with this writer and several other writers on the show.

Guild Files Suit Against Rocket Science

Ten editors and writers from reality television filed a wage-and-hour class action suit against Fox Broadcasting and the reality production company Rocket Science Laboratories. Read more.

Guild Files Suit Against Next Entertainment

The Guild assisted 12 reality TV writers to file a class-action suit in the Superior Court of California charging eight television networks and production companies with gross violations of California's labor laws governing payment of overtime, wages, and meal periods. Read more.