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Photo by Tom Keller
Richard Linklater


A 12-year-old Boyhood graduates to the big screen, and Richard Linklater couldn’t be prouder.
Start Me Up

How Mick Jagger found satisfaction in a screenplay, then produced it.

Elegy for a Data Liberator

Brian Knappenberger documents the tragic demise of Internet wunderkind Aaron Swartz.

Also in the Feb./March 2015 issue:
When Jill Soloway’s parent came out as transgender, the truth set free Transparent.

plus, why did Shonda Rhimes receive this year’s Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award? Listen to her voice; Margaret Nagle on why being the daughter of a compassionate lawyer has its benefits. Plus one big loss; and Katherine Fugate, Glen Mazzara, and Melissa Rosenberg say feminism might save the industry – if we kill misogyny.
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