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For the first time, the foremost British dramatist of his generation discusses filmwriting.

Two Writers Save Mr. Banks

Sue Smith scripted a docudrama about P.L. Travers and Mary Poppins. Kelly Marcel revised it for Disney.

A Long Walk To Mandela

After 16 years and 34 drafts, William Nicholson finally views Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Read the complete Nov./Dec. 2013 issue.

Working It

When not writing, he’s unionizing. Billy Ray might be the hardest-working man in show business.

Happily Ever After?

What Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz wished for Once Upon a Time.

Building Block

Herblock: the Black and the White documents a political cartoonist who spoke truth to power.


Read the complete Sept./Oct. 2013 issue.

The Tweet Smell of Success

I. Marlene King and the writers of Pretty Little Liars learn the secrets behind a generation of tweeters.

They've Got Game

Game of Thrones is no walk in the dark, thanks to David Benioff & D.B. Weiss.

Bad Day at the Office

After six years and 62 episodes, Vince Gilligan reminisces with Glen Mazzara about Breaking Bad.


Read the complete Summer 2013 issue.

By the Numbers

Do the math, count the votes, and add the shows listed on the 101 Best Written TV Series to your queue.

Hollywood Confidential

Jeff Melvoin guides the best and brightest into the exclusive WGAW Showrunner Training Program.

Beamed Up

Star Trek incubated generations of writers. The formula isn’t found in deep space, but in a galaxy known as the human heart.


Read the complete Apr./May 2013 issue.

The Father of Us All

An octogenarian father introduces his son to Jackie Robinson.

A Reasonable Doubt

Will David Mamet stand accused of walking away from writing?

Classic Rock Hits

Celebrating the late, great, wacky, never-to-be-duplicated 30 Rock.


Read the complete Feb./March 2013 issue.

She’s Gone Country

Callie Khouri leaves Hollywood’s fear country for Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry and a ring of fire.

The Original Family Feud

Ted Mann and Ronald Parker transform a crazy hillbilly story into the Hatfields & McCoys.

Remembering T.S. Cook

The late Tom Cook’s friends remember him as a searcher, lover of the sea, and man of fierce backbone.